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UGI Message regarding the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

UGI is dedicated to promoting the safety of both its employees and customers, as it continues to monitor the evolving situation in the United States and Pennsylvania related to the coronavirus. UGI has disseminated information to its employees on best practices for preventing the spread of the coronavirus and has restricted employee business travel, as well as in-person business meetings wherever possible.

UGI is also cognizant of Pennsylvania Governor Wolf's recent order for all non-life-sustaining businesses to close their physical locations, and Maryland Governor Hogan similarly closing non-essential businesses. UGI asks that all energy suppliers making non-choice deliveries adjust accordingly and use best efforts to ensure that future supply deliveries match anticipated energy usage reductions due to business closures. Despite these constantly changing circumstances, UGI remains committed to delivering reliable, safe energy to its customers. Please contact UGI if you have any questions or concerns regarding contingency plans related to the coronavirus. UGI will post additional information on its energy management website as necessary and as it becomes available.

Please click this link to review UGI's COVID-19 Response Plan. This site will be updated as necessary and as the situation evolves.

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